No, armies of MAGA militias aren’t going to be storming anything

Can we please stop anguishing that MAGA militias in thrall to the Orange Toddler will be taking to the streets heavily armed and there will be blood and dead liberals. Because, nope, it ain’t going to happen.

First off, there aren’t that many members of MAGA militias. Really, there aren’t. Second they have little or no training. Parading around in mismatched camo cosplay does not make one a seasoned warrior. Third, I mean, is it a membership requirement that you must be portly, out of shape, and bearded to be a Proud Boy, Boogaloo, or 3%er?

Yes, they bellow a lot about overthrowing the government. It’s mostly just performative or a grift to raise money for themselves. To actually overthrow a government the only absolute must is you have support of the military. These clowns don’t have that and never will.

And, like in the late 1960s – early 1970s, while there were indeed some bombings and violence, it didn’t then and won’t now be anywhere close to being a serious organized political power capable of forcing genuine change.

Jerry Rubin said that the Kent State murders were a turning point for the then-movement. People got killed. And the only choices then were to go underground and give up your life as you knew it or muddle through and figure another way of doing things. But no one was going to go underground.

Yes, there’s lots of tough talk on Parler now about gitting mah gun. Good luck with that chumps. As a friend points out, Parler is hosted in the Amazon cloud which makes it easy for law enforcement to issues subpoenas to see who is doing what.

I guarantee there are plenty of federal law enforcement on Parler now watching and taking notes.

In the late 1960s the Black Panthers would sometimes march around chanting “off the pig.” Law enforcement took them at their word. The same thing will happen now, especially after Biden is inaugurated.And a lot of Parler loudmouths are going to go through somethings.

So, could we have scattered violence by lone wolf far righters? Yes, we probably will. However, it will not be organized MAGA militias and it won’t be much of a threat.

“Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!” is an absurd rallying cry when the other side has all the guns” — Saul Alinsky

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