Donald Trump will fade away after Biden becomes president

There’s been considerable hyperventilating about what Donald Trump will do after Biden’s inauguration, much of it is baseless. No, Trump will not be able to control Republican politics. His supposed legions of followers will increasingly forget about him. He’ll either burn out or fade away. Either way, he’ll soon just be a crank howling on the far right fringe and no one will much care.


Criminal investigations and collapsing businesses

Look, his “businesses” are mostly just fronts for money laundering, real estate and rental scams, tax evasion, and personally profiting from bankruptcy while screwing everyone else.

All that work when Trump was in the shadows. It won’t work during his coming tsumani of indictments and prosecutions. Especially not for those who funneled money through them. He’ll be a pariah (and dangerous) to them. They will avoid him at all costs.

No one like a whiny loser

Trump hates losing. Yet he just lost being reelected. And whines, complains, and gets angry about. He’s pouty little boy. Oh, a few MAGAs might follow him long-term. Most won’t.

He won’t be president

Being president means the press, media, all of us have to pay attention to him. That goes away after Jan. 20. If he wants a press conference he’ll have to pay for it himself. And pay for PR, and rent the venue. Then hope major media covers it. And increasingly, they won’t.

Mental illness and dementia

In addition to massive legal problems, Trump is clearly mentally ill and his dementia is worsening. He says he will run in 2024? Ha. More likely he’ll be in a nursing home by then.

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