Biden presidency means many things will change fast

Biden Harris

About one millisecond after Biden is inaugurated:

Executive orders will be sent reversing however many of Trump’s executive orders need to be reversed. New EOs may well be issued on Covid, the economy, climate change, and systemic racism.

Heads of agencies, Trump appointees, US Attorneys will be fired. Interim replacements will be appointed. (This is actually normal when a new president assumes office. Execpt this time some of them may need to be walked out of their buildings.)

All agencies will get competent, honest Inspector Generals. I cannot overstate the importance of this.

Without anything needing to be said, federal law enforcement will know they can now do the job they took an oath to do without interference from the White House.

All this will indeed happen immediately after Biden is inaugurated because it will have been researched, planned, and decided upon in the weeks leading up to Jan. 20.

Why? Because Biden / Harris are competent.

And that will just be in the first hour.

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