Cats we have known and loved. Rescues, fosters, house cats

We have fostered hundreds of cats and kittens, as well as having our own cats. Here are photos of some of them, with info.

The lead photo on this article is a rescue kitten. A working class family in L.A. who had little money was feeding the mom cat and her kittens, who were living their garage. They asked the rescue group we were volunteering with to catch them and find them homes. We did. I took this photo. The rescue group posted it on their Facebook page, then an hour later had to take it down because they were deluged with adoption requests. Mom and kittens got adopted fast and lived happily ever after.

Friends found these wee kittens by the side on the road in a Utah winter and managed to grab them. We fostered them. This photo was taken shortly after their rescue. They were terrified and traumatized. All they had was each other. They were either dumped or born feral. After a bit they calmed down, and were adopted as a pair, because they could not ever be separated.

This is one of my favorite cat photos. We had just set up the room for mom and her kittens. I leaned in to take the photo Mom put a paw protectively over them. “I may trust you, however these are my kittens.”

A mom cat’s work is never done!

My wife knitted a sweater for her sister’s chihuahua and thought she would model it on our house cat Harry (then a kitten) who was not amused.

Adorable kitten pile!

Bandit, one of our house cats, found the catnip, and was completely toasted when I took this photo.

We pose photo of cats for adoption site photos by giving them toys, then waving birdie on a stick to attract their attention. This one turned out especally well. A good photo helps cats get adopted fast.

Kittens snuggling!

Your local rescue always has cats (and dogs!) to adopt or foster.

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