Hardiness. Embrace the chaos

Hardiness. Enbrace the chaos

My sister wrote this. It’s aimed at her business clients, and is about developing hardiness in treacherous and uncertain times. Some apparently are born with hardiness. However, it can be developed and nurtured too.

These thoughts on hardiness are completely applicable to our current political climate. Many now are understandably stressing out, with major anxiety, can’t sleep well. fearful. Others, like me, tend to thrive on it. (Yes, I know, that might sound crazy to some and maybe it is!) However, I’ve always liked and embraced change and even chaos. As it turns out, this is an essential component to hardiness.

“Hardiness is the study of how we react in stressful situations, and how we respond to unplanned and/or unexpected experiences, data, and events.

Research has identified 3 essential components to hardiness:

Challenge: Your ability and tendency to see change, variety and disruption as interesting opportunities to learn and grow.

Control: Your ability and tendency to have a sense of agency and the belief that you can influence outcomes in your life.

Commitment: Your ability and tendency to be engaged and see your life as interesting, meaningful and worthwhile.”

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