Trump will lose. Maybe he goes kicking and screaming. But he will go

Coop Scoop

Marc Cooper says the hard left has blown multiple opportunities to organize a genuine movement against Trump. Reasons include the usual idiot sectarianism, along with ludicrous amounts of pessimism and fear. Trump is not the Big Bad Wolf. He’s a crumbling senile sociopath with no place left to hide.

The real fightback against Trump, the best I can tell, started on Twitter before the 2016 election. Originally it was conservatives. They started sharing information. It got nicknamed Never Trump. Then liberals and lefties joined. Everyone pooled research and shared what they knew about Trump’s criminality and venality. More joined in. Super PACs were formed. The best-known is The Lincoln Project, hardcore Never Trump conservatives who have shown Democrats and liberals how to make heat-seeking missile ads against Trump and build a real coalition.

Claude Taylor started Mad Dog PAC, which put up the original Impeach Trump billboard at Mar-a-Lago. Since then they’ve done hundreds more billboards.

So, yeah, I think a genuine movement has formed. And it started on Twitter. When all this is over and we are saying “President Biden,” books will be written about how resistance to Trump coalesced on Twitter.

It should be vividly clear –55 days out from the election– that President Donald J. Trump is badly wounded, that he has entered his political death rattle and that he is headed for the dumpster and, quite possibly, a series of criminal indictments,

Having survived a couple of Latin American coups, and reported on numerous dictatorships, I can affirm there can be no coup, no extra-constitutional takeover of the government without military backing. Call me naïve, but I strongly believe that the U.S. Armed Forces have nothing to gain by shitting on the constitution and saving Donald Trump’s putrid bacon.

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