If you’re an Old you may barely have heard of Onlyfans and TikTok

TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok and Onyfans both help creators make money. And probably do it better and easier than Facebook and Twitter.

Bella Thorne, former Disney actress now directing porn as well as doing regular movies just earned one million dollars in one day on Onlyfans, which pays creators 80%. So she got $800,000 in one day. Onlyfans is pay-only video and photos, orginally was racy and porn, now is that and other content too. Fans get to view special content not seen elsewhere.

Creators on TikTok post 60 second videos. What they can put into a minute is an art form. TikTok has a one billion dollar Creator Fund, which is already funding creators with content about photography, cooking, cosplay, MDs, dancing, and much more. Yes, one billion dollars. TikTokers who build substantial followings can also get endorsement deals, etc.

ThatDudeCanCook is a professional chef with lots of excellent recipes. His bio has links to kitchen gear he uses, which he gets a cut from if you buy. He’s got 2.9 million followers, so this could be substantial income.

TowTruckDoode is a guy in Louisville who started posting about driving towtrucks, hauling wrecks, crazy methhead customers, etc. Just a regular guy doing fun content. With 500,000 followers now. He lost that job and because of his TikTok rep he got another tow truck job quickly.

So, it’s not always about big money, sometimes it’s a guy getting a new job easily because people knew who he was from TikTok.

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