Mailboxes check in Las Vegas. They are (mostly) still there

Mailbox in odd location. Las Vegas.

My wife and I used mailboxmap to locate mailboxes in our area, then drove around to see if they were still there. For the most part, yes, they were. Two missing boxes were at mail stores that were no longer in business. One UPS store no longer had a mailbox in front. All the other ones were there, including one in front of a Walmart.

Which makes me wonder, who goes to a UPS store to drop off mail? Post offices have mailboxes outside them, with multiple pickups a day, unlike outside a UPS store which is just one pickup a day. And you can always put mail in your own mailbox to be picked up.

Yes, Trump is being, as always, nasty and stupid in removing mailboxes. But I wonder how many of them were used much. Removal of sorting machines is much more serious and we should focus on getting those back. We can crucify Trump with this because no one wants USPS screwed with.

Also, USPS has been locking mailboxes since at least 2016 to prevent theft during off hours. This is not neccessarily new or due to Trump interference.

Did find this bizarre mailbox in our area. It’s operational and you apparently are supposed to stop on a very busy street where cars routinely do 50 mph or faster and put your mail in the mailbox. Yeah no. It’s is a right turn lane into a busy shopping center and I would not even think of stopping there.

(This is on Rainbow looking south, Flamingo in the background)

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