Let’s turn Trump’s USPS disruption into a massive defeat for him

Obama tweet about USPS

Trump publicly said he wants to disembowel the USPS to stop mail-in and absentee voting. It’s blowing up in his face, and is now a huge nationwide story. People and Congress are mobilizing. We can turn this around and make it a humiliating defeat for Trump. The following tweets have talking points and ways to take action. Fight back now. Mobilize.

Do not waste time bemoaning the situation or anguishing that maybe Trump could somehow do better. He can’t. There is no bottom with him. He must be defeated on November 3. His USPS slowdown is a perfect organizing opportunity to hurt him prior to the election.


Retired people and those in rural areas often rely on USPS to get their meds. Trump’s interference is slowing delivery of medications, endangering lives. I live in Nevada. There are tiny towns here in remote rural areas that do not have pharmacies. USPS is the only way they get meds.


Congress is fighting back. Both houses. Bipartisan. Support them. Don’t mock them. They are trying hard and some Republicans in Congress are screaming about the USPS slowdown too.

Concrete steps to take

Call your senators and representative. Tell them you want immediate funding for USPS now. Register to vote if you haven’t already. Vote early in person or by mail. Call country election boards to make sure they have secure drop boxes for votes. Make lots of noise and keep the pressure on.

Demand DeJoy be fired

Email the USPS Board of Governors and demand DeJoy be replaced. Make their lives miserable until they do.

Stop idiotic intramural leftie fights

Stop left-tribalism arguments about things that are completely irrelevant to the fight now! Seriously.

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