Canada, Mexico, EU have closed borders to Americans

Mexico close borders to U.S. in Day After Tomorrow

So much winning. Other countries are dealing with COVID-19 in a responsible manner and now have closed borders with us. By contrast, the Trump Administration is beyond irresponsible. After pondering it all week, desperately trying to get a new message out, they are now saying “We need to live with it.” This is demented. Trump has no ideas. Many will die because he is too deranged to care. Plus, his cronies and MAGA lackies are too gutless or complicit to confront him. So, let’s burn Trumpism to the ground in November.

The image is from cli-fi disaster movie the Day After Tomorrow, where Mexico closed borders to the U.S. Seems appropriate.

Sonora, Mexico closes border with Arizona

Officials in Sonora, Mexico moved quickly to slam the border shut before the start of the July Fourth weekend, traditionally a peak tourism time as Americans flock south to celebrate

Canada closed their border with US weeks ago

“Canadians look at what’s happening with the spread of covid in the United States and their comparatively better performance at getting it under control,” said Edward Alden, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “And they have no interest at all in Americans coming to Canada.”

EU opening up to many nations, but not America

Americans will remain barred from entering the European Union for nonessential travel even as the bloc starts to open up to as many as 15 countries from Wednesday, the EU said.

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