Trump’s executive order against social media is rubbish. Ignore it.

Oh noes. Mean Twitter fact-checked two tweets by the Orange Toddler, who then had a tantrum. Trump huffed and puffed, then issued a meaningless unenforceable executive order trying to repeal Section 230. However, the presidency does not have the authority to do that. Drat that pesky Congress, Constitution, and Bill of Rights!

Predictably, trolls and bots are swarming on social media trying to defend this new derangement from Trump. Do not respond on Twitter to those with tiny numbers of followers and no identifying info. Also, ask yourself, why are they swarming and who is sending them?

Also, free speech rights do not apply on Twitter, or on any social media. The companies have the right to censor, silence, or expel anyone. And a court just ruled that Twitter and Facebook do not silence conservative views, something which should be obvious to anyone except, oh, far right nut cases like Laura Loomer.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on Wednesday affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit that was filed by the conservative legal organization Freedom Watch and far-right activist Laura Loomer. Freedom Watch and Loomer alleged that the Silicon Valley giants were coordinating together to silence conservative viewpoints and that they were violating the First Amendment and antitrust policies.

“The district court dismissed the complaint, holding that Freedom Watch had standing to sue but failed to allege colorable legal claims,” the judges wrote in their decision. “On appeal, we reach the same conclusion.”

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