Green Party ballot access in 2020 hampered by COVID-19

Green Party ballot access 2020

Green Party ballot access is taking a huge hit this campaign season because it can’t get on state ballots in the normal way, which is by gathering signatures. That’s not going to happen in our stay-at-home COVID-19 world because it would potentially violate the six foot rule and people aren’t outside much now. (BTW, The Libertarian Party is having the same problem. Which is one reason Justin Amash just declined to seek their nomination.)

Howie Hawkins, GP co-founder and long time party activist, will almost certainly be their nominee. He’s not a loose cannon like Jill Stein, more of a stolid party functionary in a rah rah ecosocialist way. However, right now the GP is on a mere 22 ballots and will have to petition or sue to get on remaining ballots.

Every state has different rules and procedures, and they deliberately make the process complicated and time-consuming. Right now the only battleground states where GP could take votes from Biden are Michigan and Florida.

Green Party national site

We will work with state Green Parties to draft letters to the Governor and State Elections Offices requesting relief from petitioning thresholds. We will request for the Green Party to be placed on the ballot, giving our previous success in attaining ballot access, to have signature requirements significantly reduced, or have petitioning requirements replaced with a filing fee due to our inability to collect petition signatures.

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