Assume we are at war with coronavirus, act accordingly

Brentwood Farmers Market

Being religious won’t keep coronavirus away. Jesus has more important things to do than protect wilfully ignorant knuckleheads from themselves. Really, he does.

Also, being a wealthy liberal shopping at the Brentwood farmers market thinking only The Poors get coronavirus, and that your money somehow magically protects you is equally braindead.

Assume we are at war with coronavirus. Then assume that people who do stupid things in wartime have a much greater risk of getting killed or maimed.

A Pentecostal pastor refused to cancel a revival. Predictably, multiple people got deathly ill. His wife said – with zero self-reflection or accepting of any responsibility – “One of the main pillars in our church, who has cancer, is in the hospital with pneumonia and a blood infection and pancreatic cancer and Covid19. He is not doing good. He’s in ICU and on a ventilator. My husband is tore up about it! SO torn up! He’s been so sick as well.”

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