Healthcare and paid sick leave would slow coronavirus spread in US

Unlike most countries, the US does not mandate paid sick leave. So, workers infected with coronavirus might well continue working because they have to pay the rent. Also, many workers have crappy or nonexistent insurance. Thus, they probably won’t seek medical help until they are in desperate condition, because they can’t afford thousands of dollars in bills.

This seems like a near-perfect way for coronavirus to spread. Which it is indeed doing now, worldwide too. Countries like France have 20 days paid sick leave and a serious plan to stop coronavirus. They say don’t go to a hospital, instead, call a special number and care will be provided. This is a rational, well-thought-out plan.

The US has none of that. Instead Trump babbles about the stock market and Pence is silencing scientists in the government from speaking. Because for them it’s all about gaslighting and PR spin. The Trump Adminstration appears completely unconcerned that people may die in the US from coronavirus.

Most of the following links are from BNO News. They are reliable. Check their Twitter and Coronavirus mini-site (which has links to all news items)

Coronavirus spread

Iceland, Wales, Azerbaijan, Belarus, New Zealand, Lithuania, Nigeria report first cases of coronavirus

Moscow’s deputy mayor says 88 foreign nationals who violated coronavirus quarantine measures will be deported

British passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship dies of coronavirus

2 hotels in Abu Dhabi have been put on lockdown after 2 Italians tested positive for coronavirus. Guests are being screened.

Switzerland bans all events with more than 1,000 people to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Hokkaido in northern Japan declares state of emergency due to coronavirus, urges people to stay at home this weekend

Economic impact

Air traffic is way off. Multiples reports of nearly empty airports and no waits.

Geneva Motor Show just cancelled, 600,000 normally attend. Many more trade shows cancelled too.

BTS (who are ginormous) and many other performers have cancelled concerts in Asia.

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