Coronavirus. Wuhan is a crucial manufacturing and transportation hub

It would just be great if deliberate disinformation about coronavirus wasn’t spreading unsourced on social media, along with blatantly anti-Chinese racism and trash journalism about how it is a biological weapon. Ignore any news report on social media that is not linked to reputable media sources that document what they say. Having said that, coronavirus does appear to be spreading fast even as it is not particularly fatal. However, we are still in the very early phases. It’s going to spread more.

Imagine what would happen to the US passenger plane system if O’Hare shut down for weeks. It would be chaos. And this is a mild example of what Wuhan being quarantined is doing to the economy of China and soon enough, to the world economy. China is a major manufacturing center for the world and Wuhan is their hub. Companies across the planet rely on Just In Time shipping from China. That is now being badly disrupted. Goods aren’t flowing out (or in.)

Telsa and Hyundai have halted production in China and South Korea. No doubt other auto makers in the region are doing the same. They can’t get parts. India is worried too.

Macau, the biggest gambling hub on the planet has asked casinos to close.

iPhone maker Foxconn is closed and will remain closed for at least another week.

Cathay Pacific Airways lays off 27,000 workers with no pay, says they need to preserve cash. This seems a desperation move.

Tokyo Summer Olympics concerned about possible impact of coronavirus. Some qualifying events have already been affected.

A baby in Wuhan tested positive 30 hours after birth. The mother tested positive before giving birth, indicating it can be passed in pregnancy.

This would be my vision of Hell. Cruise ship in Japan is quarantined with 3,700 people onboard after ten tested positive for coronavirus.

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