Lincoln Project is hunting for Trump. Bannon is worried. Good.

Lincoln Project mission

Who better to convince Republicans and independents to vote Democratic than Never Trump Republicans? They know the territory, where the bodies are buried (maybe because they buried some of them), and have run pitbull ad campaigns against Democrats. Now they want to run brass knuckle ad campaigns against Trump. Good. Support them with contributions. I am. These will be professionally done ads, using focus groups to determine how best to peel off votes from Trump and convince them to vote Democratic.

The Lincoln Project is a Super PAC. Advisors are Rick “Everything Trump Touches Dies” Wilson, George Conway, Reed Galen, Jennifer Horn, Mike Madrid, Steve Schmidt, Ron Steslow, and John Weaver. They have decades of experience and know how to reach Republicans. And they worry Steve Bannon.


[Bannon] referenced the recent birth of an anti-Trump group dubbed the Lincoln Project, led by veteran Republican strategists who are planning a nationwide campaign to convince disaffected Republicans and independent voters to vote Democrat. The group’s leadership features conservative attorney George Conway, who is the husband of Trump’s chief White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

“If these guys can peel off 3% or 4%, that’s going to be serious,” he said of Trump’s Republican rivals.

Lincoln Project says

Steve Bannon is scared.

Donald Trump’s chief strategist of his 2016 campaign knows what we know: The Lincoln Project is the key to defeating Donald Trump in November.

Over the weekend, Bannon expressed his fear about The Lincoln Project—even going so far as to say our effort is a “serious” problem for Trump.

Bannon knows that Trump only won the presidency because of “an inside straight” that consisted of about 80,000 votes spread over a few states.

We’ve been saying this for months: The fight against Trumpism can be won. And now even they’re admitting it.”

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