"I'm not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat"

Will Rogers quote

The Democratic primary is in full chaos mode and this of course is completely normal and expected.

Ok, so Obama says he will speak up to stop Bernie Sanders in the unlikely event Sanders looks like he could win the Democratic primary. Which is pretending to hedge a decision but making it clear what the decision is.

Elizabeth Warren just cratered in a Quinnipiac poll, down 14 points in a month. Her all-in support for Medicare For All is probably the reason. Rick “Everything Trump Touches Dies” Wilson has created pitbull attack ads for Republican candidates for years. Most that business has gone away. He still has friends who are Republican operatives. Wilson said they did the happy dance when Warren doubled down on Medicare For All.

This is because Republicans know they can destroy Warren (and Sanders) on that in crucial battleground states. Polling there shows lots of folks, including those who voted for Trump in 2016 and might vote for a Democrat now, said M4A is a complete dealkiller. They want private insurance. Period.

Michael Bloomberg (and Joe Biden) agree that making that crazy marijuana stuff legal would be very bad because it leads to heroin or some such folderol. Looks like they are competing for the ranting Democratic elder voter.

To win a Democrat must take several battleground states. Pretty much, voters in those states don’t want woke. That’s probably why Biden is doing well.

Also, the African-American vote is a core constituency for the Democratic Party. Biden has that vote with no one else, including Harris, close. Bloomberg and Buttigieg are particularly abysmal here.

My guess is things will continue in near chaos for a while longer!

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