Rick Wilson: Democratic presidential candidate should not be woke

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The presidential election is already over in 35 states. The battleground states will determine the outcome. Those states are not woke and do not want to be woke. Rick Wilson says potential swing voters in them could easily vote for Trump if the Democratic presidential candidate is woke. This especially applies to woke Democratic candidates saying Medicare for all and eliminate private health insurance.

Rick Wilson is an original Never Trumper, hardcore conservative, Republican operative for 30 years, and author of best-selling “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” He elaborated on this last night on Periscope last night before appearing on CNN. His new book “Running Against The Devil” will be released Jan 15.

His major points:

1) Republican pollsters were dancing when Elizabeth Warren said she wants Medicare for all and no private health insurance. They know they can destroy her on this with hit ads in battleground non-woke states. People in those states want their private insurance. Period. This isn’t a question of what is right. It’s that swing and undecided voters there might vote Democratic, except for this issue, which is a dealbreaker, so then they’ll vote for Trump. This applies to Bernie Sanders too. They don’t want a socialist.

2) We have an electoral college. It isn’t going to go away anytime soon, if at all. Therefore, Democrats have to win in swing states, some of which have deep blue urban areas and very red rural areas. A few percentage points can tilt their electoral votes. Defeating Trump needs to be the primary and sole focus. Saying that Hillary won the election because she got more votes is delusional and shows ignorance of what is needed to win.

3) Bloomberg and other billionaires running vanity races need to get out, then pump billions into Democratic voter registration and pit bull attack ads against Trump. Bloomberg could spend a billion on this without blinking. Let’s hope he does. Because the Trump campign may have 1.5 billion to spend.

4) Be woke after a Democrat wins the presidency. Not before. Because there is no chance of anything woke happening until Trump is gone.

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