Traffic spike on website for no apparent reason!

Traffic spike

A client just had a traffic spike on their website which has about tripled traffic for the past seven weeks. So, not only did traffic spike, the increase appears to be sustainable and steady. Which absolutely is great news. However the question is, what caused it?

The chart is from WordPress Jetpack. The data shows that about 80% of the hits are from Google Search. However it does not show what the search is for. So, a little detective work is needed. The site is a psychic site and usually spikes in November and December as people look for predictions for the new year. So, given our twitchy, highly politicized current times, maybe people are looking early for predictions? December last year was 13,000 hits. October this year was 12,000, compared to 4,000 last year. If my theory is correct, then December will be way over 13,000 this year. So, our strategy will be to add fresh content rapidly now so new users find what they are looking for.

Websites don’t always need big traffic. Another client is a violin teacher in Santa Monica. I’ve optimized her site for the search phrase “violin teacher Santa Monica.” She gets steady business from the site, even as she only gets about ten hits a day. However, those hits are generally someone looking for exactly what she does.

Another client is a management consultant in Connecticut. Her site has a wealth of info about what she does. She uses the site to provide info to potential clients. Most of her potential clients from the web are via blog posts which she reposts on a mailing list, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This is a good strategy because there are so many competing management consultants that popping to the top of Google search would be difficult. She’s figured out a way to route around that. If someone is on her site, they already pretty much have been pre-qualified.

In all three examples here, word of mouth is the best way they get new clients. The website then provides clear information about their services.

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