George Conway may not actually be Never Trump

Cheri Jacobus tweet about George Conway and Kavanaugh

George Conway is married to senior counselor to Trump Kellyanne Conway . He spends considerable time ranting on Twitter about how horrible Trump is, often to be point where it seems almost satire. It’s mostly just nasty attacks that border on being unhinged. Which is fine, however not at all what you would expect a seasoned DC operative to be capable of. The usual Beltway pundits marvel at how unusual this is, what must their conversations at home be like, and isn’t it just too crazy that a DC insider Never Trumper is married to a rabid pro-Trumper. Oh giggle giggle.

Or so the conventional wisdom goes. There’s always been a minority view that George Conway is not at all who he appears to be. And indeed, Trump never seems to attack him. Why would that be? It might be due to deference to Kellyanne (however that would not be something Trump is exactly known for doing.) So quite possibly it is due to something else.

Cheri Jacobus

Former Republican National Committee spokesperson Cheri Jacobus tweeted that Conway infiltrated himself into Never Trump discussions on the Right during the Kavanaugh nomination. He helped convince them to back Kavanaugh, which led others like Sen. Susan Collins to vote to confirm. Conway responded saying “Whoever you are, you are lunatic, and you are a liar.” Yet he clearly knows who she is because she was a Republican Party major player for years. And he had no factual rebuttal. Just his usual nastiness.

Conway also ran interference for AG Barr spending $30,000 for a birthday party at Trump’s DC hotel, which at the very least is ethically stinky thing for Bar to do. And why would he go out of his way to do that?

I’ve been Never Trump since before the 2016 elections and have followed and actively participated in it on Twitter. And have lost track of how many people pretended to be something they were not. There are snakes everywhere. So, beware, be careful, verify. If new revelations jettison old ideas, then move on with the new.

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