Yes we are on the crazy train heading to the 2020 election

Crazy train

Things are going to get crazier and crazier as the 2020 election approaches. The truly furious battles lie ahead. We absolutely are on the crazy train and it’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t become a train wreck.

It’s going to get insane. Accept it, plan for it – and do everything possible to defeat Trump. Take all the stress, worry, and anger and focus it into toppling Trump. The more involved you are, the better you feel and the more optimistic you are. This is a terrible time to sit on the sidelines. Get into the fray.

Just today Boris Johnson dissolved Parliament and there were huge protests, the Sackler family is desperately trying to avoid being sued into oblivion, Trump apparently is trying to make children born abroad to military parents not citizens, the far right government of Italy fell and Bannon with it, Brit Hume at Fox News told Trump to stuff it, all-around creep George Nader visited Bannon several times in secret White House meetings reports said, a forthcoming book will detail Jeffrey Epstein’s links to Russia organized crime – that used to be a month of news. Now it was the AM news.

Trump demonstrably has dementia, and it will only get worse. This means he will get even more irrational, unstable, and hateful. I have some hope that within a few months his condition will be so deteriorated that either Pence becomes de facto president and / or Trump leaves office. Yes, I think it could happen.

We can’t depend on that happening, of course. Trump must be toppled from power. Then we can clean up the mess he created. We can recover from four years of Trump. Eight years maybe not so much.

Impeachment hearings are gearing up. Believe it. They will focus hard on Trump and his criminality.

Embrace the chaos. Use the craziness to focus on destroying Trump politically. We’re not getting off the crazy train until Trump is gone.

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