The non-explanation about Jeffrey Epstein death is not credible

Jeffrey Epstein death. Curiouser and curiouser

We are still are not being told specifics of how Jeffrey Epstein died. Why? Instead, we are hearing lots about overworked guards and how they just somehow just couldn’t do their job to protect an extremely well-known prisoner who was the focus of worldwide attention. Apparently everything that could have gone wrong did in MCC and now Jeffrey is dead. Authorities go boo hoo, vow to figure out what happened, yet will not release any relevant information. Right.

There is no official explanation saying how Epstein hung himself. Which is very curious. Also, why was he taken off suicide watch, something which requires a report to the warden, who appears oddly comatose.

A former warden says “But this is a hyper-exaggerated situation. It’s Jeffrey Epstein. You simply have to be involved as the warden.”

It is unclear if the July 23 incident was a suicide attempt by Epstein or an attack on him.

MCC told Justice they would follow certain procedures and then didn’t.

Guards didn’t check on him. Because they are overworked and understaffed. Which is certainly true. However, Epstein was the most visible and important inmate on the planet. And no special procedures were instituted for him?

Epstein was left alone in his cell in violation of prison rules. Imagine that.

The cameras supposedly only monitor common areas so no one saw nothing. Nothing, I tell you.

A Gotti associate says AG Barr visited MCC two weeks before Epstein’s death. Ok, it’s from a mobster. Just passing it on.

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