Accelerationism. Common goal of El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy shooters

Accelerationism. Dayton shooter

Accelerationism in fringe politics loosely means “burn it all down.” Then, in their derangement, their fringe group believes they will assert supremacy and build a new society. Such nihilist gibberish is authoritarian at core, whether it is left or right wing. The fringe group wants to impose its will on society, and if others suffer and die, oh well. Onward for the cause! This belief in accelerationism is true for extreme Marxists as well as for white supremacists. Many may suffer and die but then their glorious society will be built. With them in charge, of course. None of this is even remotely a democracy.

Such derangement seems to be a common thread between the El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy murderers. The El Paso shooter is a Timothy McVeigh-type. He had a military mission to perform, which was killing Hispanics, and that’s what he did. He has expressed no remorse, and almost certainly hopes what he did will trigger an uprising. The Gilroy killer is being investigated by the FBI for domestic terrorism. He posted a link to an extreme white supremacist book. Yet he is Italian-Iranian and there ain’t no way Aryan supremacists would ever accept him. The Dayton shooter was completely upfront about accelerationism. That’s his tweet in the image for this post, Flowers for Atomsk.

When you just want to burn it down, traditional politics have no meaning. The Dayton shooter was a KKK counter-protester with antifa and The Party for Socialism and Liberation. He was armed. His social media was incoherent rage and in mindset he’s not much different from the far right El Paso and Gilroy shooters. Just destroy everything.

We need to learn how and where they get the ideas and who does the recruiting. Mostly they are deranged Lost Boys. But let’s not blame this on mental illness. We don’t know if they were diagnosed as such. Also, mentally ill people are not known for slaughtering people. Murderers are getting radicalized online. Accelerationism is their current rationale to justify slaughter of innocents.

Got horseshoes? Extreme left and extreme right are using terrorist tactics. How useful for those who want to destabilize the country.


Federal authorities on Tuesday said they had launched a domestic terrorism investigation into the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival after officials discovered the gunman had a list of other potential targets.

Among the targets were religious organizations, courthouses, federal buildings and political institutions involving both the Republican and Democratic parties.

“We see that in the far right, but we also see it in anarchists,” he said. “Traditionally, what we’ve seen is some kind of curation about where aggression is directed, but there’s a whole cadre of extremists whose goal is really about bringing society to its knees. Violence is not just a means to promote an ideology. It’s become an ideology itself.”

Dayton and El Paso

Todd Wickerham, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Cincinnati field office, told reporters Tuesday afternoon that the investigation into the mass shooting in Dayton on Sunday had “uncovered evidence that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies.” He added that no evidence had been found suggesting a racial motivation for the shooting.

“We’re dealing with a tragedy with 22 people who have perished by an evil, hateful act of a white supremacist that has no bearing or no belonging in El Paso,” Mayor Dee Margo said at the Monday news conference. “It was not done by an El Pasoan. No El Pasoan would ever do this. I don’t know how we deal with evil. I don’t have a textbook for dealing with evil, other than the Bible.”

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