Brazil investigating Glenn Greenwald for money laundering

Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) (, „Posto da Torre BSB 09 2018 0572“,
Brazilian car wash and gas station where Operation Car Wash investigation began.

A “Mysterious Peacock” surfaced on Twitter documenting what he says is proof The Intercept / Glenn Greenwald paid $300,000 in cryptocurrency to Evgenyi Bogachev, the FBI’s most wanted black hat hacker. The implication is Bogachev then hacked private accounts of members of Brazil’s thuggish government and produced documents that Glenn Greenwald used to expose massive corruption by the government in an ongoing scandal called Operation Car Wash. And now the government is attacking Greenwald.

Greenwald lives in Brazil. His husband is a federal congressman there. The government, clearing in retaliation for Greenwald’s articles, says they are now investigating Greenwald for money laundering. The Mysterious Peacock Twitter account disappeared after a few hours, after everyone grabbed screenshots. Bitcoin account transactions are public, even as the owners of the accounts are not. However, it is sometimes possible to link names to accounts. Greenwald of course denies the money transfer. However, if the transfers happened then it could be money laundering. I mean, that’s essentially why cryptocurrencies exist.

The current government of Brazil are corrupt extreme right-wing thugs. Glenn Greenwald is in IMO a Putin-loving shill with dubious loyalties. The Intercept is backed by a billionaire, however Greenwald may well be in serious trouble in Brazil and should be supported on this.

Excerpts from Threader, of the Twitter discussion.

A Brazilian hacker, codenamed “mysterious peacock” has just exposed confidential documents on Twitter claiming to have traced Bitcoin deposits on the sum of 300k USD paid from The Intercept to Evgenyi Bogachev, FBI’s most wanted black-hat hacker.

Glenn, married to a Brazilian Federal Congressman recently revealed private messages between now Justice Minister Sergio Moro and the task force of “Operation Car Wash”, alleging that as a crusading anti-corruption judge he coordinated with prosecutors in the case that led to the conviction and jailing of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Moro is a national hero in Brazil and one of the strong men of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

BTC and ETH supposedly being used to pay FBI’s #2 most wanted black-hat hacker to break into Telegram accounts of Brazil’s Justice Minister and Federal Prosecutors who have been ahead of the “Car Wash Operation”, the largest investigation on Latin American Political Mafia

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