The other Fremont Street in Vegas

This part of Fremont Street in Vegas was mostly closed dive motels. It’s coming back. Artists, hipsters, and businesses are moving it. The motels are being restored or demolished for new buildings. In five years it’ll look way different. More than any other city I’ve lived in, Vegas is always reinventing itself.

Big Rig Jig. Fremont Street
Big Rig Jig.
Hotel mural.  Fremont Street
Mural on hotel.
Atomic Liquor. Fremont Street
Atomic Liquor
Peace Gun mural. Fremont Street
Peace Gun mural
Old motel marquee. Fremont Street
Old motel marquee. Note sculpture on person on light pole.
Life is Beautiful mural. Fremont Street
Life Is Beautiful is a major music festival in Vegas, located in this part of Fremont Street..

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