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Listening to podcasts on mobile device is an easy way to keep up with news, especially since Apple is ditching iTunes and now has a iPhone podcast app that is actually easy to use and useful. Browsing and subscribing is intuitive, unlike the kludgy mess that was iTunes.

However, huge thanks to Apple. Because they mainstreamed podcasting. I was at Gnomedex 2005 when Apple announced iTunes would support the new fledging world of podcasts. Until then, podcasting was fringe and struggling. Then Apple made podcasts easily available to all. And they didn’t make a dime off any of it. Thank you, Apple.

There are so many quality podcasts now. Here’s a few that I’m listening to. What are you listening to?

FiveThirtyEight politics has in depth reporting on polls, trends, and what to expect in 2020.

Illuminators tracks how big power companies are are forced to reinvent themselves now, as the industry transitions to renewable energy. Change or die. Seriously.

NVIndy is Nevada news from Jon Ralston and The Nevada Independent, a nonprofit that delivers seriously good reporting and analysis, unlike Sheldon Adelson’s fishwrap, the Review Journal.

The Qanon Anonymous Podcast tracks what Qanon and other conspiracy loonies are doing. Shows are solidly researched, funny, and lordy, there are some wackos out there. The podcast happily goes after leftie nutjobs as well as righties, as witness their recent takedown of the Krassenstein grifters. Follow Travis View (@travis_view) on Twitter for more.

This podcast is available only as a premium on Patreon. It’s worth it. They have a url that can be cut and pasted into podcast apps to make listening easy.

More podcasts

The Breakdown is Shaun King, hardcore leftie organizer who is bring back The North Star and turning it into a powerhouse.

The Bulwark is a conservative mostly Never Trump site. A recent podcast had George Will on conservative sensibility.

Vital Vegas is Scott Roeben. It’s all about Vegas, delivered humorously, and authoritatively. He does social media outreach for Fremont Street, pretty much knows everyone and often has Vegas news before anyone else. The podcast gre out of his website and Twitter feed (@vitalvegas)

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What podcasts are you listening to?

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