Navajo Water Project brings water to families

Navajo Water Project. Water truck and tank

40% of Navajo families on their reservation have no running water. Some Navajo families who live there have not had running water for generations. The Navajo Water Project (a project of Dig Deep) is changing that. They started by trucking in water to remote areas, then expanded to providing home systems with water storage, running water, indoor plumbing, and solar power to remote areas.

Their reservation is vast, 17,000,000 acres, and is in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Some parts are extremely remote. The Navajo Water Project began in New Mexico and is now expanding to Utah. They’ve brought water to hundreds of families.

Imagine the difference that running water, indoor plumbing, and electricity would make to people who have never had it. 100% of donations goes to providing water.

The Navajo Water Project is a community-managed utility alternative that brings hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewer lines.

we develop new sources where water is pumped, treated and stored locally

we deliver water in food grade trucks to hundreds of families living close to each source

our home water systems provide 1200 gallons of hot and cold running water and solar power

the entire project is guided by a council of clients and local leaders

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