World’s largest renewable energy storage project coming to Utah

Grid scale batteries
Grid scale batteries

Utah is planning a 1 GW renewable energy storage project which, when completed, will create and store zero emission electricity. That is a huge amount of power, and it will be able to store enormous amount of power too.

The project will use renewable hydrogen to power turbines to create electricity. Excess hydrogen and compressed air will be stored in underground salt caverns to be used as needed to generate power. Excess electricity will be stored in a variety of ways with time scales from seconds to months. The site is near the Intermountain Power Project so power can go directly into the grid backbone.

Energy storage technologies include renewable hydrogen, Compressed Air Energy Storage, large scale flow batteries, solid oxide fuel cells

The technologies we are deploying will store electricity on time scales from seconds to seasons of the year,” said Paul Browning, President and CEO of MHPS Americas. “For example, when we add gas turbines powered with renewable hydrogen to a hydrogen storage salt-dome, we have a solution that stores and generates electricity with zero carbon emissions.”

As a next step in decarbonization, MHPS has developed gas turbine technology that enables a mixture of renewable hydrogen and natural gas to produce power with even lower carbon emissions. The MHPS technology roadmap aims to use 100 percent renewable hydrogen as a fuel source, which will allow gas turbines to produce electricity with zero carbon emissions.

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