EU elections. Brexit, Greens, Lib Dems gain. Far left, mainstream loses

European elections results

Brexit and far right parties are surging in the EU elections. In Britain, the Farage’s Brexit Party is first, followed by Liberal Democrats, Labour, Greens, and then Tories. That’s right, The Brexit Party, which is running the first time in UK is coming in first, while the Lib Dems who were almost wiped last election came in second.

Seems to me these are seismic shifts, Established parties in UK and Europe who did little but dither for years got clobbered while parties that at least appear to be engaged and who have actual messages did well. Yes, the Brexit Party has an actual message. It’s a repellant message. However it is indeed a message.

Happily Greens are kicking ass in multiple countries, especially Germany, coming in second behind Merkel with 22%. (Please do not confuse the German Green Party, which has been part of ruling coalitions there and possesses actual competence with the doddering, comatose Green Party in the US which has done nothing for 16 years except to come out of hibernation every four years to run a clown for president, then promptly hibernate again.)

I recommend reading the Twitter thread. Mounk says in most elections the left has focused on economic issues. However this time is is focused on cultural issues, and that is what is driving the Green vote, especially among young voters.

He says:
“One widely overlooked story from the European elections is the very poor showing of far-left parties.

Corbyn’s Labour? Came third!
Podemos in Spain? Down to 10%!
Syriza in Greece? Eclipsed by the center-right!
Melenchon in France? In the single digits!”

While I’m not sure Labour is far-left, he is correct is saying the far-left got clobbered. Maybe because it continually reiterates and in fact is captured by its own tired old ideas and ideologies. They don’t have much new to say. And voters responded to this by switching parties.

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