Democrats: Big tent party, yes. Moving hard left, no

Democratic 2020 poll. Biden is way ahead

The big takeaway from Biden’s impressive polls numbers might be that social media and hardcore left politicos are not representative of the Democratic Party as a whole. And probably never have been. Which doesn’t mean at all that they can’t influence things, only that they are not the mainstream.

The Democratic Party is a big tent party, and that’s a good thing. Also, let’s remember what Will Rogers said, “I’m not a member of an organized party, I’m a Democrat.” There’s quite a lot of truth in that. Democratic Party presidential primaries are always tumultuous. This year will be same as it ever was.

Elliot Morris is a pollster who did such extraordinary polling analysis while in college in 2016 that the Economist hired him as a pollster when he graduated. His Twitter feed is separate from his day job.

Astonishingly perhaps the data shows Biden is slightly more popular with young people and liberals than is Bernie Sanders.

All of this may change however multiple polls now are confirming that Biden is way ahead of the other candidates.

That’s not the point. He’s way ahead now. Why is that?

(Hey, I’m for Swalwell!)

Big tent party but not hard left

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