You’re living in your own renewable Idaho

Idaho electricity in-state by source

There’s a misconception that only blue states have renewable energy. Texas has the most installed wind capacity, with no one else even close. Iowa is second. Idaho now generates 80% of its in-state power from renewable energy. About 50% comes from hydropower with wind at 20% and growing fast. And they like it that way. Idaho Senator Grassley, who is no liberal, just said Trump’s claim that wind turbines cause cancer was “idiotic.”

Idaho gets about one-third of its power from out of state and is working at making that renewable too. Because it’s cheaper than coal or natural gas.

Idaho Power last week announced it has entered into a deal to purchase 120 MW of solar energy at a price the utility believes is among the lowest publicly reported to date. The utility signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Jackpot Holdings, with an initial price of $21.75/MWh — or less than $0.022/kWh.

The solar array is expected to be completed by 2022, and the energy will help replace coal-fired capacity at the North Valmy plant in Nevada, where Idaho power has announced it will end operations. Idaho Power has the option to purchase the new solar facility or support its expansion in the future.

Idaho Power announced the deal on March 26, the same day it revealed a plan to supply 100% of its power from non-emitting resources by 2045. New wind, solar and other clean energy resources will all play a role.

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