Horseshoe Theory in today’s politics

Horseshoe Theory tweet

The Horseshoe Theory says extremes on the political left and right share quite a lot in common. They tend towards rabid populism and belief that strong ruthless leaders will be needed to implement changes. They generally aren’t much interested in debate or democracy because those are bothersome things that just get in the way of their envisioned coming political paradise.

Such true believers can and do make bewildering (to the rest of us) switches for left to right. When Bernie Sanders lost in the primary to Hillary Clinton I watched more as than a few Berniebros immediately switch allegiance to Trump. (And of course many Bernie supporters did not do this, however a noticeable number did.)

Horseshoe theory. alt-Right, alt-Left overlap

There is indeed overlap between alt-Right and alt-Left. It often is completely bonkers Qanon-level nuttery. What sometimes goes unnoticed is how easily some slip back in forth between the two. Also, in our current example of Horseshoe Theory today, the tilting seems quite a lot to the right. Hmm.

Horseshoe theory. They're just right-wing.

Indeed. Maybe more than a few supposed alt-Lefties have really been hard right all along.

Horseshoe theory. Berniebots. Pepes.

You don’t have to engage with them. Blocking and ignoring are fine options. If you do engage, just state your case then leave. No need to get embroiled in pointless argument. Rick Wilson is a master at this. They attack him. He rips their heads off, then ignores them.

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