Never Trump Twitter accounts you need to follow

Trump Rat at Khashoggi Way. Mad Dog PAC

Books are going to be written about Never Trump Twitter and the real world organizing and fightback against Trump that has emerged out of it. The following are a few of these Twitter accounts that I follow.

Claude Taylor

Twitter bio
“Liberal Provocateur. Worked in Clinton White House. I drive #RatTruck & Scooby van. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”
Started Mad Dog PAC. They put up the Impeachment Now billboard in Mar A Lago, and dozens more billboards as well. Currently driving Trump Rat around DC and elsewhere, and putting up Khashoggi Way street signs by the Saudi embassy.

Louise Mensch

Twitter bio
“”Unhinged British witch” “a textbook succubus”- Russian Insider “The Lizzie Borden of the Internet” – GCHQ (according to Randy Credico)
In Team Treason’s Head”
Former Tory MP in UK. Has been early and right on many things about Trump / Russia, such as Alfa Server, Anthony Weiner being catfished, the Steele Dossier and much more. Clearly, she has excellent intelligence community sources. Friend and ally of Claude Taylor. Sometimes they say the same thing and she gets attacked, not him. Why is that? Hmm. Punches back twice as hard when attacked.

John Schindler

Twitter bio
“Columnist @observer, historian, author, provocateur, bon vivant, polyglot, counterspy, cat guy. Former NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC. Premium #realtalk feed: @thespybrief”
Has been tweeting and writing for years on Russia interference in our country. After Trump got elected, people really began paying attention to what he says. Writes a regular column for The Observer. Perhaps his best-known tweet is him quoting IC sources saying “Trump will die in prison.”

Tom Nichols

Twitter bio
“Professor [at Naval War College], author on Russia, war, nukes, and “The Death of Expertise.” Noted curmudgeon. Anti-populist. Ex-GOP. Cat guy. Views solely my own.”
One of many former Republicans who could not stomach Trump. One reason is because Trump is not and never has been a conservative. Which is absolutely true. Is eloquent about why Trump must be opposed. People like him can reach and convince those on the right that lefties can’t possibly.

Rick Wilson

Twitter bio
“GOP Media Guy, Dad, Husband, Pilot, Hunter, Writer. #1 NYT best-selling author of Everything Trump Touches Dies. Pride of FL, Prince of Periscope.”
Scathingly funny and savage in his attacks on Trump and Trumpsters. Has been doing GOP attack ads and campaigns for years so he knows everyone in the Republican Party. Carries a gun because he has gotten credible death threats and too many loonies walking up to him screaming at him.

I’ll list more Never Trump Twitter accounts in future posts.

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