Manafort redaction fail shows collusion. How could Trump not know?

Manfort shares data with GRU. Russian hacking. Cambridge Analytica. tweet

Paul Manafort was Trump’s 2016 campaign manager. He and Trump have known each other for decades. Manafort’s lawyers, through massive stupidity, exposed crucial information in a recent filing because they didn’t redact it properly. The exposed data shows that Manafort shared internal Trump 2016 campaign data with Konstantin Kilimnik, a former Russian military intelligence officer. And of course we all know there is no such thing as a former intelligence agent. We also know there’s no way Donald Trump didn’t have knowledge of this. This is so many felonies…

That the political operative-turned-convicted felon who helped Donald Trump win the White House in 2016 is some sort of clandestine fixer for Moscow now seems certain. And he may be even worse than that. The possibility that Paul Manafort wound up at the heart of the Trump campaign not despite his deep Kremlin connections, rather because of them, is a matter that needs explanation urgently, and may hold the key to the entire mystery about the president’s secret relationship with Russia.

CNN: “Manafort intended for polling data to go to 2 Ukrainian oligarchs.” He was paid $2.4 million for the data. The oligarchs tried to hide where the money came from via transfers through dicey banks, which is totally not suspicious at all. Manafort tried to hide the money too, failed at doing so, and that’s one reason he’s in jail now and may die in prison. He claims to be in bad health, with gout, confined to a wheelchair. I will have a sad for him. Ok, all done.

Now why do you suppose two oligarchs wanted private polling data? Perhaps to pass it along so it could be weaponized and used by Russia to help elect Trump? Especially when combined with stolen DNC and Facebook data.

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