Why isn’t the Marxist Left organizing against Trump?

Crickets chirping

You would think the Marxist Left would be organizing nonstop against a racist, mentally unbalanced, extremist right wing president. But, they aren’t. There’s been a few desultory Trump Must Go editorials, however they’ve put practically no people in the street. Contrast that with the Iraq War, when the Marxist Left organized protests and marches that put hundreds of thousands in the streets.

Yet when it comes to Trump, the hard left is AWOL, crickets, just not interested, focusing on everything except Trump. How very curious.

Possible reasons / explanations:

1) Maoist doctrine proclaims that anything wrong anywhere in the world is the fault of the United States. Thus, tyrants everywhere who badmouth the U.S. must be supported, even if they are corrupt murderers. This presumably includes Putin.

2) The revolution must come from the working class. However the parties alone are sufficently advanced to lead the working class to Glorious Workers Paradise. This, when you think about it, is a really elitist view, that the cadre vanguard alone can lead the overthrow of capitalism. Such a view also leads to paralysis because they’re always planning for some nebulous goal years in the future, rather than doing serious organizing now. Which may be the point.

3) These parties generally have an entrenched few at the top, who are financed by the party. Since their ultimate goal is revolution, they aren’t interested in other goals, except as it helps the party grow. And of course this enriches those at the top of the parties. Also, they don’t want a genuine mass movement that creates real change because they would no longer be in charge.

4) Some Marxist parties in the U.S. are decades old. They got funding and support from the USSR. When the USSR ceased to exist, it would be reasonable to assume that such support continued because Russia figured it might need useful idiots. And some party members almost certainly way more complicit than that.

The screenshots are from Dec 27. There’s practically nothing about opposing Trump. They are willfully and deliberately ignoring Trump. Draw your own conclusions about their motives and competence. I’ve drawn mine.

Party for Socialism and Liberation. Dec 27, 2018
PSL seems to specialize in choosing the most obscure issues possible.

Revolutionary Communist Party.  Dec 27, 2018
Lots about their cult leader Bob Avakian. Almost zero about Trump.

Workers World. Dec 27, 2018
Workers World has been saying the global capitalist crisis has been happening for about 50 years now.

Socialist Worker. Dec 27, 2018
Starbucks first, then the Wall.

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