Trump investigations. The endgame is now


There are 17 Trump investigations now, including those against his cohorts. When Democrats take control of the House on Jan. 3, there will be many more investigations, plus subpoenas, and release of Trump’s taxes. Plus, the House, instead of being a craven compromised poodle, will be a Rottweiler. There will be oversight. Lots of it. Also, I expect Mueller will indict major Trumpsters in January, quite possibly Trump himself. When this is over dozens of Republican politicians (and maybe even a few Democrats) will go to prison. Trump will be politically and financially destroyed. Good times.

Everything up until now has been prelude. Get ready for ‘Trump – His Fall from Power.’ Are you ready for the fight? Because now is the time to fight even harder than before. We can and will topple Trump.

Yesterday was indeed insane, Mattis quit over Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria. Trump banged his rattle on the high chair about his idiotic wall. Today may well be even more insane. Oh well. Trump is clearly weakening, losing support, and realizes he is trapped by the law and Mueller. So, he’s acting like a crazed weasel.

Trump investigations are like Watergate

I came of political age in the later 1960’s when leaders were murdered, cities burned, was a hippie radical, and opposed Nixon. Watergate started slowly. For months it seemed nothing was happening. Then, slowly at first, Nixon’s support eroded. As more realized who Nixon was and how much he lied, he ended up with no one left to lie to except a hardcore 20% of support. Nixon’s hardcore support no longer mattered when Nixon fell. Similarly, Trump’s hardcore support won’t be a political force after Trump is toppled.

So, get in the fight like never before. I’m optimistic. Trump will fall. Yes, I know we’re all tired, stressed, and want this madness to be over. So, let’s all of us, in our own ways, take actions to insure Trump will fall. Do it now.

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