Donald Trump’s very bad day. NY AG, National Enquirer, Michael Cohen

Donald Trump. Smoking crater. National Enquirer. NY AG. Michael Cohen.

Trump got hammered on three fronts today. The new New York Attorney General promises many investigations into Trump finances. National Enquirer has flipped and is providing information against Trump. Michael Cohen can get a reduction in his sentence in return for future cooperation.

New York Attorney General

Incoming NY AG Letitia James promises numerous investigations into Trump family finances. Predictably, some on the right squealing that she does not appear unbiased. To them, I say, if she was investigating a known organized crime family, would they say the same? And really, is there anyone who thinks Trump and family haven’t been breaking laws for decades?

James will investigate Trump real estate, Trump Tower meeting in 2016, government subsidies Trump Org got, whether Trump violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution, and the Trump Foundation, and “anyone in his orbit who has, in fact, violated the law.” Wow.

National Enquirer

David Pecker, CEO of the company that publishes the sewer known as National Enquirer, says the company is cooperating with federal prosecutors. The company admitted it made payments to women Trump had sex with in return for their silence. This was done with the intent of protecting the Trump campaign. Further, they said it was coordinated with the campaign. So many felonies…

Federal prosecutors took a major step on Wednesday in their investigation of hush-money payments made to two women who said they had affairs with Donald J. Trump, announcing that The National Enquirer’s parent company was cooperating.

The company, American Media Inc., the country’s biggest tabloid publisher, played an important role in a scheme to keep the women silent in the months before the 2016 election so that Mr. Trump’s chances would not be damaged, federal prosecutors said

Michael Cohen

Cohen got three years in prison. He continues to cooperate with Mueller, who said Cohen “provided valuable information, investigative information.” and “provided our office with credible and reliable information about core Russia-related issues under investigation and within the purview.” Cohen could have gotten 10+ years, so must have cooperated bigly.

He could have his sentence reduced further if he continues to cooperate

What’s going on? Here’s my best guess.

Cohen has a lot more he could give. The government knows that. They want to crack him. Moreover, even on the stuff he’s given them so far, he is a less valuable witness so long as he refuses to be fully candid. They are tired of playing his coy little game, and political considerations require speed. So they’ve accelerated sentencing, and set up a classic “good cop – bad cop” squeeze. New York has told the judge to hammer Cohen. By contrast, Mueller looks like a generous friend.

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