Trump and cohorts will have another very bad week

Trump will fall like Humpty Dumpty

It’s all coming crashing down on Trump and his fellow criminals. Each week now will be worse than the previous week for them.

Yesterday: Maria Butina changed her plea to guilty and is cooperating. NRA executives stopped ranting long enough about how we all need moar guns to change their Depends. Republican operative Paul Erikson, who was bonking Butina probably had a very bad day indeed. Yup, she totally thought you were a hottie, Paul, even though you are almost twice her age, balding and dorky. Idiot.

Today: Paul Manafort’s lawyers are in court responding to the feds saying Manafort is a lying weasel who breached the plea deal. TLDR; the feds are correct.

Wednesday: Michael Cohen gets sentenced. Prosecutors are asking for 4-5 years. In addition, he will owe substantial back taxes with interest and penalties, and gets disbarred so can no longer be a lawyer. ETTD, indeed.

Friday: Michael Flynn sentencing memo will be released. He has cooperated and will probably get a light or possible no sentence. His behavior was greedy and treasonous. Perhaps he decided he didn’t want to die in prison.

Also, Jerome Corsi, a true garbage person (he concocted the Swift Boat conspiracy theory against Kerry and the Obama Birther rubbish) rejected a plea deal about him knowing about Wikileaks leaking DNC emails, apparently unaware that Mueller has emails, texts, phone calls, etc. incriminating him. He also suing Mueller for $350 million. Good luck with that.

All of this is very bad for Trump. Mueller is coming for him.

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