Hell’s Kitchen combined geothermal / lithium extraction project

Hell’s Kitchen is in the Salton Sea CA area of California. It’s baking hot. The Salton Sea is saltier than the ocean, a major migratory spot for birds, and subject to routine and massive fish kills. It’s a bit of a god-forsaken area however it also has plentiful geothermal energy. And lithium.

Controlled Thermal Resources is launching a combined lithium-geothermal project that will use geothermal energy to create electricity and also to extract lithium from the heated water, and do so in an environmentally friendly way.

The project will utilize carbon dioxide contained in the geothermal brine for the lithium carbonate process. With no environmentally hazardous evaporation ponds, geothermal steam will be used to concentrate lithium carbonate products in real-time, making this development an environmentally friendly and socially responsible, world leading facility.

The Hell’s Kitchen Lithium-Geothermal production facility will become a world-leading supplier of lithium and geothermal energy products while maintaining genuine sustainability solutions including:
-Minimal carbon and environmental footprint 
-Closed-loop system with no GHG emissions or pollutants
-Not subject to fluctuations in weather patterns
-Powered with 100% on-site, renewable energy
-Significantly reduced amount of re-agents and chemicals required by utilizing the abundance of heat and electricity
-Reduced water consumption

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