Russian active measures / social media manipulation targets all sides

The coming final two weeks before the election are going to be absolutely bonkers insane. Before you respond to, attack, or share something on social media, please, check the source, determine who it is really from, who is pushing it, and most important, if it is accurate. This applies to things you passionately agree with as well as the latest outrage.

Yes, things we agree with on social media can be as phony and duplicitous as the latest propaganda push from the other side! This is especially true if they are divisive and inflammatory. Because that might be their deliberate intent.

The criminal complaint against Elena Khusyaynova by the federal government documents how Russian manipulation works. They target all sides, left as well as right, deliberately trying to create conflict between whatever group they pretend to champion and the society at large. The complaint is 38 pages and quite detailed.

Think about that the next time you are about to share something. Things are often not what they appear to be, and will be even less so this final two weeks of the election. Only share stuff you are sure about. If you aren’t sure about someone, check who their followers and friends are. This can often be quite illuminating. If their friends are dicey, don’t share what they post. Blocking and unfriending are useful tools. Don’t respond to friend requests on Facebook unless you are sure who they are.

Social media in politics now is often information warfare. So, act accordingly.

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