Kavanaugh confirmation did NOT energize the right

According to a poll taken after the Kavanaugh battle, Democrats are now more likely to vote. The supposed Republican surge hasn’t happened. Instead, Democrats are now more likely to vote than Republicans. Independents generally have an unfavorable view of the decision to confirm. And the gender gap is widening. Women are tilting Democratic.

It looks extremely likely that Democrats will take back the House. Let’s make it so. Volunteer with your local Democrats to get out the vote. Donate to candidates. Taking back the Senate is dicier but hey, a huge surge in voting for Democrats, could make it happen.

The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll suggests that Republicans’ decision to confirm Kavanaugh lacks broad support and has animated Democrats with only four weeks to go until President Donald Trump’s first midterm election.

The poll also shows a spike in voter enthusiasm — particularly among Democrats.

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