Go. Fight. Win. Let’s take back the House.

The midterms are next month. We have a serious chance of taking back the House.

If we take back the House, much of the Trump agenda will stop. If we also take back the Senate, then Trump is done. Impeachment will happen. Republicans know this. That’s why they’re so crazy now. And that’s why we need to work extra hard. And yes, I absolutely believe impeachment can happen. Mueller has been working his way up the food chain, several biggies have flipped, and the only people those biggies can give info on that Mueller cares about is Trump and his children. Believe it.

Get involved. Volunteer with your local Democratic Party. Maybe you’re in a safe district. However, you can make calls to voters in swing districts. If you can, take Monday Nov 5 and Election Day Nov 6 off. There will be massive GOTV pushes. People will need to be driven to the polls. Every seat we win helps our cause. 

Donate to Democrats. 

Here in Nevada, Democrat Jackie Rosen is running against Republican incumbent senator Dean Heller. Heller is the most vulnerable Republican incumbent senator, and is even more vulnerably now after his Yes vote for Kavanaugh. Defeating Heller is crucial for taking back the Senate.

And also consider donating to Mad Dog PAC. Best known for their Impeachment Now billboard in Mar-a-Lago, they’ve also put up dozens of billboards targeting incumbent Republicans, have driven around D.C. with billboards on trucks, and had banners on planes. They get lots of press.

There is much to do between now and Nov. 6. Get involved now!

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