This week was actually terrible for Trump and Russia

Yes, yesterday was bad. However, if Democrats take back the House – and every indication is they will – things will change dramatically. The Trump agenda can then be much more easily be blocked. There will be enormous numbers of investigations into Trump, his family, associates, and Russia. The Tea Party caucus will have no power. Let’s work extra hard to get out the Democratic vote in November.

How bad a week was it for Trump? Read on!

The Trump Foundation engaged in ‘persistent illegality,’ says NY Attorney General. CFO Allen Weisselberg and Michael Cohen are cooperating. This is bigly bad for the Orange Chimpanzee and his Fredo children, as Trump can’t pardon or interfere with a state investigation.

The lawsuit accused President Trump — along with his children, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka — of conflating charity with politics, repeated and willful self-dealing and failure to follow basic fiduciary obligations

The NY Times bombshell article on Trump family corruption said the ploys the family used to avoid paying taxes were fraud. No qualifiers were used. Imagine how many lawyers had to vet that and how sure NY Times must be to say it

The Feds are taking Manafort’s Trump Tower condo and other properties. Manafort is assumed to be cooperating.

Disgraced former general Michael Flynn will be sentenced in December. Many think Flynn has flipped too.

Meanwhile, European governments and Five Eyes (US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia intelligence agencies) are launching new attacks against Russian interference. There have been new indictments and increased new pressure. Russian oligarchs and their lackeys do like to live in Europe and London. The Magnitsky Act and related sanctions are making it increasingly difficult for them to do that, as they are banned from entering countries and subject to having assets freezed.

So really, everything is going rather badly in Trump’s world now.

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