Dimbulb Democratic staffer arrested for doxing Republicans

Doxing, publishing personal information about someone on the internet to harass them, is vile and should always be condemned, regardless of who is being targeted. And if you are going to do it, at least show minimal competency at trying to cover your tracks. Because this idiot didn’t.

Jackson Cosko, a Democratic Congressional staffer, has been arrested for doxing Republican senators on Wikipedia during the Kavanaugh / Ford hearings. Comically, Cosko claims cybersecurity expertise yet edited the Wikipedia entries from an IP address connected with the Capitol.

A so-called computer security expert edited Wikipedia entries of powerful Republican senators from a Capitol IP address without using a VPN? I’m pretty sure 15 yo script kiddies wouldn’t be that stupid.

For something like that, here’s how you do it. Drive to a computer store not close to where you live. Pay cash for a cheapo laptop. Park outside a Starbucks or somewhere like that has free wifi. Do not go inside because you might be videoed. Connect to Wikipedia using a VPN. Make the edits. Smash the laptop into pieces and deposit the parts in various dumpsters.

Then you might have done it in a secure way.

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