There can be no progressive agenda until Trump is toppled


There is no possibility of a progressive agenda in Congress until Democrats take back one or both houses and Trump is forced from power. Everyone understands that, right? If Democrats take back the House, there will be multiple investigations into Trump / Russia and Trump corruption. Republicans are starting to be afraid they could lose the Senate too. Incumbents like Ted Cruz are in trouble.

Dozens more indictments are coming against Trump, his family, and corrupt inner circle. Trump himself is currently so rattled he can barely put a few coherent sentences together. The important thing about Anonymous is not who he is but what he said, which is Trump is dangerously incompetent, way out of his league, and many in the government are actively blocking what Trump demands.

And please, no blather about how we need to get in the streets and should ignore electoral politics, because it’s just so boojie. The far left has been resolutely almost completely useless in opposing Trump. Go on U.S. Marxist party websites and see for yourself. They are studiously avoiding Trump / Russia protesting. It matters not if the reason is they are lefter-than-thou, actively supporting Russia, or just brain-dead. No one much cares what they think and they’ve blown all their chances at relevance.

The real fightback against Trump comes from the mainstream, from people of both parties coming together. The most important thing we all can do is elect Democrats in November. Yes, the Democratic Party has huge problems. However, we can deal with all that after Republicans no longer control the House and Senate and Trump is gone.

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