Trump is done

It may take some time, however Trump is done. Michael Cohen, David Pecker, and Allen Weisselberg, all long-term allies of Trump are testifying against him.

The Trump Organization is now a target of investigations. His corrupt children and Jared Kushner will almost certainly be indicted soon enough. Trump is currently ranting about witch hunts on Twitter, as if that will stop investigations.

Firing Sessions would be a political catastrophe for Trump and for the Republican Party. So, craven and quite possibly also corrupt Republicans in Congress will do little to silence Trump as the elections approach. Which almost guarantees they will lose one and maybe both Houses.

Pence is dirty on many things. That means, if the Democrats take back the House, Nancy Pelosi could become president.

Hey Republicans, lie down with the pigs, they’ll call you a swine every time. 

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