Donald Trump’s coming Very Bad Week

The Manafort trial starts next week. Manafort is accused of conspiracy, fraud, false statements, and more, and faces decades in prison. The evidence presented in the indictment is detailed and damning (PDF.) The trial will be headline news for weeks, and will go places Trump really doesn’t want exposed.

The trial isn’t specifically about Trump / Russia ties. However, Manafort was at the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

There are thirty five prosecution witnesses. Five have been granted immunity. They include employees of an accounting firm that did Manafort’s taxes and a bank that gave him loans based on dicey documentation. Presumably they will be testifying to save their own sorry asses from prison.

Rick Gates, Manafort’s former partner, has already pleaded guilty and will testify against Manafort.

Tad Devine, Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager who worked with Manafort in Ukraine backing a thug leader with Kremlin ties, will testify for the prosecution. Devine is a cooperating witness.

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