Be Flood Safe

The two most common ways of dying in deserts are not enough water and too much water. Flash floods can happen very quickly and are extremely dangerous.

Do not drive into flooded street or intersections. Hidden debris can puncture tires. There’s no way to tell is there are potholes or sinkholes for the car to get stuck in. A seemingly mere 12 inches of water is enough to wash you and your car away. Yes, even in your big truck.

Tucson has signs saying don’t enter flooded areas and if someone does and has to be rescued, they get a bill from the city. I believe they call it the “Stupid Fee.”

A few years back massive flash floods took out part of I-15 north of Vegas. The video is from that. The people in the van were rescued and were ok. This is normally a peaceful, placid section of the interstate.

So, beware of flooded areas. Turn around and find alternate routes. If there aren’t any, part someplace safe and wait.

P.S. Las Vegas has an elaborate system of flood catchment basins that work entirely by gravity. The water flows downhill to water treatment plants and then into Lake Mead where it does not count against the allotment that southern Nevada gets from Lake Mead.

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