Whither the far left on Trump?

The far left, which is mostly Marxist, has decades of knowledge to build on and use, yet has been mostly absent in fighting Trump, which you’d think would be a slam-duck thing for them to do, but they mostly aren’t.

Reasons I see are:

1) As The Onion half-jokes, “radicals horrified to be supporting FBI.”

2) Whataboutism. Hillary and Obama did horrible things. Yes, they probably did. So what? Why is that an excuse for inaction now?

3) The current situation doesn’t fit their philosophical construct of workers vs ruling class, so they’re clueless what to do.

4) They see Trump as upsetting neoliberal world order, so that must be a good thing, somehow. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This of course is rubbish. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is also an enemy.

5) The far left is mostly inept at social media because in their view, they preach, everyone else listens. That’s not how social media works, and social media is crucial now.

The Pussy Hat march, which put millions in the street, started with a Facebook post by a woman to a few friends. It went viral. The far left had zero to do with it. The resistance, for lack of a better name, is coming from middle America, not from the far left operating through front groups. Also, plenty of Never Trumpers are conservatives.

Never Trump Twitter has produced multiple PACs opposing Trump. Research is pooled, analyzed, and vetted. Bot and troll swarms are exposed. More than a few participants are name writers whose articles appear in major publications. It is composed of people from all over the political spectrum, and we all agree there are many other things we don’t agree about. The only group that is almost completely absent is the far left. How very curious.

In many ways I think this is because the far left is stuck in their own dogma. The world has changed. They haven’t.

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