Whataboutism, being hopeless, and other ways of not confronting Trump

Trump is going to fall. It may get ugly, but he will fall. Beware of those, supposedly on our side, who somehow always manage to say, in many different ways, that resistance is futile. They aren’t our friends. Also, be aware it is a wilderness of mirrors out there, and act accordingly. And of course, fight Trumpism however you deem appropriate. But do it.

Whataboutism is an excuse for people to do nothing. They get to feel sanctimonious and moral about taking no action and loudly bleat that others should do the same. Their logic is that someone, somewhere has done bad things, therefore they need to do nothing about bad things happening now.  Really? My reply is “the hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.”

The hard left now is, for the most part, curiously snoozing through Trump. You’d think a real life lunatic right-winger intent on mangling basic rights might get them off their asses and into the streets, but you’d be wrong. Instead it’s mostly crickets. This from groups that say they’ve been waiting decades for an organizing opportunity like this to appear. How very curious.

If someone consistently and always tells you things are hopeless, mistrust them. At best they are useless. At worst they are not who they appear to be, and their sympathies are not what you think they are.

Academic Marxists today spend considerable time lecturing others that we must build for a revolution in the future and that any organizing attempts now tragically fall short of what their mystic Marxist ideal is. Thus, amidst much hand-wringing, they proclaim that it’s all very sad that nothing of substance can be done. Then they’ll write something about Gramsci for some tedious listserv where they all pat each other on the back for being so perceptive.

The end result of all of this is to make people feel hopeless, to not organize, to not fight back. Some of it may be genuinely naive and scared people. Much of it is not. I’ve seen more than a few supposed Never Trumpers on Twitter who turned out to have ulterior motives, be nut cases, or were deliberate posting disinformation and lies. 

It is treacherous out there. Not everyone who supposedly is on our side actually is. And some who appear to be on the other side aren’t. 🙂

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